iLendX Partnerships

Creating Global Partnerships for Better Lending Experiences

Here at iLendX we work hard to partner with some of the best organizations in the world in order to create a better lending experience. Our strategic partnerships have allowed us to build products that save financial institutions and their customers time and money.

Meet Our Partners

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TransUnion is a leading global risk and information solutions provider to businesses and consumers. The company provides consumer reports, risk scores, analytical services and decisioning capabilities to businesses.

Businesses embed its solutions into their process workflows to acquire new customers, assess consumer ability to pay for services, identify cross-selling opportunities, measure and manage debt portfolio risk, collect debt, verify consumer identities and investigate potential fraud.

Consumers use its solutions to view their credit profiles and access analytical tools that help them understand and manage their personal information and take precautions against identity theft.

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Alamo Cloud Solutions

Alamo Cloud Solutions (ACS) is based in Texas and is owned and managed by pioneers in the Contact Center industry, Tim Handren and Tim Montgomery. If your business is considering a transformational change to it's Customer Service business model, then ACS can help you. ACS has helped hundreds of companies find a better way to handle customer interactions and they have helped them also rethink the technology platforms in use.

With backgrounds at USAA, Tim and Tim built a pure startup company from scratch using cloud solutions only, growing it to over 800 employees in 5 years. They learned the pros and cons of the premier solutions in the marketplace and can help your business sift through the facts, without any pressure from a sales organization.

They can help you plan your transition to a cloud based solution and also help you understand how to operationally manage in the new world, bringing your contact center to the 21st century. ACS has helped companies learn how to deploy changes in minute and hours in the new world, vs. weeks and months on the traditional technology platforms. Let ACS help you advance your contact center to a best in class operation.

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Strategic Partnerships

We work with the world's leading financial and credit institutions to create innovative lending products. Our partners contribute more than money. They work with us directly, integrating with our platform, providing valuable input, and supporting us to build better solutions.

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Technology Platform

Our technology platform is a suite of web applications that enable financial institutions to offer better lending experiences. We are fully integrated with several large scale financial information platforms. This gives us the competitive edge when it comes to delivering powerful financial software that reduces operating costs and is easy to use.